By Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Limes to the rescue? There are no reported cases of the deadly coronavirus in Mexico, prompting Mike Pence to declare that consuming limes – traditionally served with Corona beer – could be a “cure-all” for the alarming virus.

“I call on all Americans to pray harder and eat limes,” said Pence who added he was planning on increasing his gin & tonic intake.

“Mike Pence may have saved America,” said current president Donald Trump. “Lime futures are soaring thanks to Mike and the stock market is rebounding beautifully. What do those idiots at the Center of Disease Control have to say about that?

“But I don’t care if I get sick, I’m not having any G&T’s with Mike and Karen,” added Trump. “You thought  they were boring when they’re sober?”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela