Valletta, Malta (eTruePolitics) – Malta, the independent island country located in the Mediterranean, tonight denied an expedited visa request from beleaguered American politician Ron DeSantis who claimed Maltese heritage.

The request was quickly rejected according to a Maltese official who said the government had no records of the DeSantis’ family in Malta. “We told them to try Italy.”

When contacted about an expedited visa for Ron DeSantis, an Italian official laughed. “No thank  you. We can’t afford to be embarrassed.”

A DeSantis spokesman denied that the request for the emergency visas was related to the Florida governor’s disastrously flawed presidential campaign announcement on Twitter earlier in the day.

“The Governor is very sad that the Woke disease that has infected two of his favorite places in the world,” said the spokesman, adding that the Governor would boycott pasta for the “foreseeable future.”