by Frank Coffey

Washington – “It was – and is – great  for business,” said  TP Charmin, a spokesman for the National Plumbers Association in responding to reports from a new book that former president (of the United States) Donald Trump regularly flushed sheets of paper down his personal White House commode.

Normal weighted paper, as almost anyone with an indoor toilet knows, should never be flushed.

“It totally clogs up the pipes,” explained Joe the Plumber, a former confidante of the ex-president who said his business had boomed when Trump occupied the White House. “Those were golden days for me,” crowed Joe (nee Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher), who gained national attention during the 2008 Presidential Election for his full-throated endorsement of Trump; “I was in there plunging every day.”

Wurzelbacher lamented that his days as a White House plumber ended when Joe Biden became president on January 20th, 2021. “Biden’s stormtroopers told me they knew not to flush paper down toilets,” a subdued Joe the Plumber told eTruePolitics in an exclusive interview.  “That was a dark day for me.”

Wurzelbacher said he’d received a call from Charmin, the NPA spokesman, reassuring him that the ‘Trump toilet paper dumping effect’ continued to resonate with MAGA supporters who enjoy indoor eliminating.