by John Nelson

Washington (eTruePolitics) – In a somewhat surprising move the Supreme Court today voted 5-4 in  in favor of scrapping Constitutional protections of due process, voting rights, women’s rights, and health care (Scalia v the Human Race). Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Barrett joined their two serial sexual assaulting colleagues in the decision.

Writing for the majority Brett Kavanaugh opined, “The original intent of the framers – as the greatest of all Supreme Court jurors Antonin Scalia often said privately – was to maintain the status quo, ensuring that the rich and powerful will always have a free hand in writing and benefitting from all laws at all levels of government.”

Barrett added, “The Bible does not mention abortion.”

“We’re tired of having to spend our exhausting schedules (i.e. two weeks on, two weeks off;  recess for 3 months) dealing with a bunch of piddling cases about the rights of the wealth-challenged,” said Alito.

“We also considered taking away women’s right to vote,” added Chief Justice John Roberts, “until Clarence (Thomas) reminded us that the majority of women voters are White and are still solidly in the GOP camp, so there’s really no need to deprive them of their voting rights — at least not until they start voting Democratic.”



photo illustration by Ray Dougela