New York (eTruePolitics) – “Maybe it’s subliminal, hearing the name Calamari over and over,” said Sal Carilli, head chef of Carilli’s Seafood in Manhasset, Long Island, reporting that sales of squid –  called in the culinary world “calamari” – had “gone through the roof” in his restaurant.

During his appearance before the House Oversight Committee, current president Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified that Matthew Calamari, a former bouncer currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Trump Organization, was knowledgeable about Trump’s alleged practice of providing an inflated accounting of his assets to insurance companies as part of a scheme to evade taxes.

“I don’t know nothing,” an agitated Calamari said in a very brief exchange with reporters.

The unwanted spotlight has prompted Calamari to hire a criminal defense lawyer and to mount a GoFundMe account to pay for it.

“Maybe I’ll take a drive over there,” said Calamari who lives in Glen Head, Long Island, barely seven miles away from Carilli’s Seafood. “I need a taste, and I don’t mean squid.”