Is America ready for Grand Trump Canyon?

National Park Service logoNew York (eTruePolitics) – In another stunning policy initiative, current president Donald Trump announced today he planned to privatize the National Park Service which will be rebranded “Trump Park Service: The Best in America!”

“The National Parks will be restored to the highest level of readiness in American military history,” Trump said.

With the recent news that a casino, Mt. Trumpmore, would likely replace Mt. Rushmore, the initiative may reveal the outline of a Trump presidency’s philosophical approach to governing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, park rebranding will be central to the governance of Trump Park Service which will kick off with the renaming of four high-profile parks: Grand Trump Canyon; Trump National Park at Yellowstone; Trump National Park at Yosemite and The Trump Everglades.

“We’re going to ban all mosquitoes from the Trump Everglades!” Trump promised in a tweet following a late-into-the-night Trump Park Service gala celebration.