New York (eTruePolitics) – It hasn’t been a good year so far for first daughter Ivanka Trump. And today, it got worse.

It’s pretty much always a bad day when the headlines blare “Only The Little People Pay Taxes” and the story is about how your company, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, owes New York State $5,213.91 in back taxes.

But the day is made worse when it is revealed that in order to collect  the back taxes, New York had to hit you with a tax warrant.

And worse still because, going forward, every story will be sure to include mention that your company is also fighting a $3 million judgment filed last year in a NY contract dispute.

Then there’s this kick in the pants. According to FDC sales tracking data, your increasingly lurid tax problems have dropped the already slow sales of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Entitlement,” eponymously co-authored with your brothers, to “under ten copies a month.” (The unkind book reviews couldn’t have helped.)

Still, Ivanka may take solace in the words of praise from commentator Ann Coulter who described ‘Idiot’s’ as “clueless and reprehensible in all the right ways.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela