New York (eTruePolitics) – Taking kowtowing to the next level, Rupert Murdoch, owner of The Wall Street Journal, the country’s second-largest newspaper, today shocked the print media universe by abruptly announcing he was changing the 128 year-old publication’s name. The move was presaged last week by WSJ’s chief editor, Gerard Baker, who sent a memo to reporters ordering them to refer to countries affected by Trump’s immigration plan as “dripping with Muslims” rather than “majority Muslim.”

Adding to the drama, The Wall Street Tabloid also announced it was suing Merriam-Webster in an attempt to force the reference book publisher to permanently remove the words “lie,” “lying,” “liar” and “majority” from their iconic dictionary.

Current president Donald Trump heralded the move. “Who the hell is Merriam Webster and what gives her the right to tell our great newspapers what to write?”

Defending the suit from free speech critics, Baker told eTruePolitics that, “If a word no longer means anything, might as well get rid of it.”

Baker added that next Monday, the WST would file another lawsuit against Miriam-Webster, this time to remove the words “truth” and “fact” from their “politicized” dictionary.





Reporting and photo illustration by Ray Dougela