Chicago (eTruePolitics) – President-elect Donald Trump knows how to ruin a good party: nominate Cubs’ co-owner Todd Ricketts Deputy Secretary of Commerce.

Chicago, say goodbye to the warm glow that was the Cubs wondrous 2016 season.

“That’s sad and scary news,” one Cubs’ player told eTruePolitics.

The subdued veteran, who called the situation “heartbreaking,” said he did take hope that the bad history between the two men could doom Rickett’s candidacy. “Trump is a racist and a bigot,” said the veteran, “we can’t work for somebody who works for him.”

The history between Trump and the mega-wealthy Ricketts family has not always been good.

In March, after a Trump tweet directed at Todd Ricketts’ mother, Todd tweeted out: “It’s a little surreal when Trump threatens your mom.”

Apparently not surreal enough to stop dad from donating a million bucks to Mr. Trump. Or stop his son from agreeing to join the most mean-spirited administration in the nation’s history.

If Todd Ricketts ends up being confirmed as deputy secretary of commerce, a Cubs players strike could happen as soon as spring training begins in February. Should a protest walk-out occur perhaps the greatest season in the history of the Chicago Cubs, a season replete with joy and accomplishment, will be badly stained.

Todd Ricketts support of Trump, and acceptance of his job offer, may not be entirely surprising – and may be entirely prudent. After all, there was that Trump email:

“I hear the Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are secretly spending $’s against me,” Trump tweeted baroquely on February 22, 2016. “They better be careful, they have a lot to hide!”

At the time that tweet caused what one source called a ‘collective Ricketts’ familial shudder.’

Hey, Todd’s got a job in the administration. The shuddering can stop.


‘Flubs’ photo illustration by Ray Dougela