President-elect Orders Supreme Court to Recall All Copies of Saturday’s Paper

New York (eTruePolitics) – It didn’t take long for Donald Trump’s quiet Saturday morning, snuggled in his breakfast nook, reading the papers to be ruined. The Daily News’s headline ‘What A F***ing Idiot!’ did the trick.

A source who was in the room and requested anonymity because he feared for his life said the current President-elect slowly put the paper face down, looked around at his table of advisors and quietly said: “I will end them.”

Minutes later Mr. Trump reportedly dashed off a memo ordering the Supreme Court to halt publication of the nation’s fiercest anti-Trump paper while demanding recall of Saturday’s entire 350,000 copy print run.

The Daily News headline is, of course, a reaction to Mr. Trump’s shocking breach of diplomatic protocol when he spoke to Taiwan’s president before speaking to President Xi Jinping of China, the world’s largest country which considers currently independent Taiwan a part of China. A formal complaint to the current State Department has been filed by the Chinese.

“We think Mr. Trump may be a tad confused about when he takes office,” said White House spokesman Brian Fallon. “But it’s great to hear that he’s reading the papers and keeping up with current events.”


Concept and Photo illustration by Ray Dougela