New York (eTruePolitics) – Yet another prominent Manhattan building has removed the Trump name from above its front doors. But this is different. The building is Trump’s flagship, the 58-story 5th Avenue ‘Trump Tower.’ It seems the tenants detest one Donald J. Trump, so the decision to remove the ‘Trump Tower’ lettering was a “no-brainer,” one longtime resident told eTruePolitics.

The unnamed building’s next move seemed inevitable. “Trump’s name is dirt to us,” said one tenant, and then somebody said ‘Let’s call ourselves Dirt Tower, it’ll drive him nuts, well more nuts.’

“And everybody laughed and then everybody voted to go for it.”

Eric Trump, an executive with the Trump Organization said,  “We’re suing for sure.”

When told of the younger Trump’s comments the tenant laughed.

“Sue us. We’re all lawyers, we don’t give a shit.”



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela