by Frank Coffey

Pittsburgh (eTruePolitics) – Former politician Sarah Palin accused President Joe Biden today with deliberately causing the Pittsburgh bridge collapse.

“I saw him on that bridge on his knees in the snow with a big screwdriver and seconds later there was the collapse,” Palin told Fox News. “Coincidence? Gimme a break!

“And why was he in Pittsburgh? To give a phony speech about America’s bad bridges! Our great country’s bridges aren’t bad, they’re perfect and all real Americans know it. Uncle Joe needed some drama to make his dumb speech seem smarter.”

According to the former Alaska resident, it was a “lucky coincidence” that she was visiting Pittsburgh and witnessed the sabotage.

“God knows how many American bridges Joe Biden would have killed in the future if I didn’t have super-duper eyesight,” Palin said.

“I hope everybody remembers how I kept watch on the Russkies when I was a governor. And I hope they remember during my office term not a single Commie invaded Alaska.”