Palm Beach, FL (eTruePolitics) – Call it The Case of the Deadly Red Velvet Cake. But the mystery about Donald Trump’s post-dessert visit to Good Samaritan Hospital in Palm Beach last week deepens by the day as rumors fly around  this small resort town like errant Trump 3-woods. The rumors involve a Trump visit last Wednesday to a popular restaurant offering an all-you-can eat Early Bird Supper where during the dessert course the former president badly dislocated his right jaw joint after what paramedics later labelled “overly aggressive chewing.”  The traumatic event led to an overnight stay at the hospital.

The injury, at The Blue Goose restaurant – a popular dining spot for retirees – reportedly occurred just moments after the 76-year-old’s supper plate was removed and replaced with his ‘go-to’ Red Velvet cake dessert.

“He attacked it, man,” said a waiter, who requested anonymity because he feared for his life. “The slice was huge, his always are. And it’s like he’s inhaling, not eating. Seriously gross.”

“The slice was too big for his mouth,” said a paramedic. “The man needs to sincerely embrace portion control.”




Photo courtesy of Moral Desert magazine.