Mar-a-Lago, FL (eTruePolitics) – A t-shirt with ‘book title’ written all over it?  The self-deprecating garment was worn poolside at Mar-a-Lago this weekend by the current president’s eldest son as an “FU” to the main stream media he frequently criticizes.

Oddly, the shirt, and Don, were encountered by a vacationing editor for Breitbart’s Vile Press at the Palm Beach County jail. While waiting – bail hearings in south Florida can be lenghty – a book idea was born.

Following holiday and summer vacations, the two men plan to meet to discuss moving “Assholes Run In The Family’ onto a faster track.  The book could provide challenges for booksellers.  Where in Barnes & Noble do you find ARITF? Self-help? Humor? American History? Culture? Travel? Business? Crime?

Deviant Psychology may end up the best bet.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela