by Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, wants his Whole Food employees to give their own accrued paid sick days to their co-workers who have either contracted the deadly virus or been forced to take time out of work because of what is now a global pandemic.

“We are a company that is proud of our authenticity. This is who we are,” said Bezos, “and we’re not afraid to admit it.

“That said, I want to reassure all of our hard-working, underpaid workers that for the duration of the coronavirus crisis all Whole Food employees will receive a daily bunch of Kale which translates into a pound of the nutritious vegetable.

“Personally, I never eat the stuff but encourage our workers to consume it and … very importantly, don’t share it with old people. They’re toast.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela