by Frank Coffey

Washington, New York (eTruePolitics) –  In a quick response to the reported death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un current president Donald Trump announced today that the  Trump Grill  would immediately drop ‘Kim J’s Kimchi Stew’ from the eponymous restaurant’s new tasting menu honoring the world’s “great leaders” by highlighting their favorite dishes.

According to the nation’s Gourmand-in-Chief, the ‘Great Leaders, Great Dishes’ tasting menu will still include Pierogi Putin, Manicotti Mussolini, Lenin’s Latkes and Bashar al-Assad’s Basbousa Not-So-Sweet Cake.

“We are what we eat,” explained a subdued Trump to reporters over a McDonald’s luncheon.

“And it makes no sense to serve a dish named after a dead guy, even if he’s a close friend. That’s call leadership.”