by Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – A deadly new virus, DopeVirus  (DV-73) has been identified by the Center for Disease Control. According to Dr. Carlo Collodi, a member of the Trump administration’s Coronavirus take force, ground zero for the new virus is The White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave).

“The dopevirus (DV-73) attacks people’s brain cells,” said Collodi, “primarily those that already have a pre-existing deficit in the frontal lobe area. ”

The CDC is warning that all sentient human beings should avoid The White House until November 3, when it is expected the virus will become dormant.

“Dim bulbs can get dimmer,” added Collodi. “It’s a long way until November and if the Dope-Virus spreads out of the White House, we should all be scared.” Collodi described calling the new dope virus DV-73 as a “no-brainer.” When it was pointed out to Collodi , a wry man, that Donald Trump is a 73 year-old man, he told eTrue Politics that “coincidences happen.”

Stephanie Grisham, a beleaguered and often confused White House press person, said there was no relationship between current president Donald J. Trump’s age and the naming of DV-73. Said Grisham, “I feel so fortunate to be able to lie and otherwise disgrace myself in the service of President Donald Trump. My hero.”



Photo Illustration by Ray Dougela