Atlanta, Ga, Phoenix AZ – In a surprising development the former Republican candidates for high office in Georgia and Arizona said today in a joint statement that they are “very much in love” and plan to marry as soon as they can divorce their current spouses. The marriage promises to create a Republican power couple to rival current Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas and conservative activist/lawyer Ginni Thomas.

“I’ve never felt this kind of love before,” Lake said, “even for cameras.”

“Kari’s the love of my life,” added Walker, “including both of my wives and all my mistresses.”

Interrupting a “work/lobbying” dinner at Justice John Robert’s Washington home, Ginni Thomas, said to be furious at the Walker/Lake competition for Republican hegemony, questioned whether Lake was actually a woman. “Just look at her hips,” growled Thomas before excusing herself as dessert was announced.


Photo credit: MeidasTouch