New York (eTruePolitics) – Another day, another tantrum.

Current President-elect Donald Trump exploded in rage today when handed a copy of a Secret Service memo suggesting that ‘Runty Fingers” become his official POTUS code name.

“Gosh, was he ever pissed,” said an aide who requested anonymity because he feared for his life.

But less than an hour later Trump’s ever-present spokesperson KA Conway had an “aha” moment when she noticed that ‘Runty Fingers was two words.

POTUS code names are always one word (for example, ‘Renegade’ for Barack Obama).

Meaning the supposed Secret Service document was a fake.

Meaning Donald Trump had been duped.

When Conway hesitantly began to explain that the document was a prank, an epic Trumpian explosion was expected to follow. “Mr. Trump does not like to be made to look like a fool,” said one observer.

Instead, shockingly, the President-elect began to sob.

“Pretty uncomfortable,” added the observer, who said the conference room “cleared out” in less than a minute.

“But let’s be fair: ‘Runty Fingers’ is extremely hurtful language. Anyone would be wounded if such words were directed at them. And, Donald is a sensitive soul. No, really.”



Original concept and reporting by John Palmer