Washington (eTruePolitics) –  First Melania Trump was caught plagiarizing a Michelle Obama speech. Then earlier this morning – just days before her husband’s inauguration – Mrs. Trump’s policy director Reagan Hudlund stands accused of plagiarizing John F. Kennedy’s iconic 1961 inaugural address which was written by legendary speechwriter Ted Sorenson.

Melania’s speech contained strikingly similar words to Sorenson’s text:

“Ask not what Donald can do for you, ask what you can do for Donald.”

The story quickly went viral.  And attracted the current president’s attention.

“Anyone who claims this is plagiarism is a sicko,” Trump tweeted. “The next time I see Melania we’re  going to practice her great speech.”

Meanwhile, Washington filled with rumors that, in fact, Trump will cancel his wife’s speech.

“Melania’s furious,” a source – who requested anonymity because she feared for her life – told eTruePolitics. “If Mr. Trump cancels her speech, chances are Melania’s gonna get a bad flu bug on January 20th.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela