by Frank Coffey

Washington, D.C. (eTruePolitics) – With the stunning spread of the Coronavirus – which president Trump called “the new hoax” at a campaign rally on February 28th –  and the stunning rise of former Vice-President Joe Biden poll numbers, a dispirited Donald Trump is said to be seriously considering resigning the presidency.

The rumor was met by unsurprised White House staffers with dark humor. “Who’s going to introduce him to Melania?” joked one staffer who requested anonymity before speaking to eTruePolitics because she feared for her life.

“We drafted a statement that said he was resigning ‘to spend more time with his family, including Melania,'” a West Wing source said. “I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.”

“The president loves America a huge bunch,” said a grim White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham who vigorously denied rumors that the Trump marriage was troubled.

“Anyone who sees them together … can feel the joy,” said Grisham. “The Presidency, the power?  Totally secondary.”


Photo illustrations by Ray Dougela