By Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – Acknowledging that Texas representative Louie Gohmert is no one’s idea of a brilliant (or even sentient) jurist, president Trump today amplified on reports that he was seriously considering naming unwavering supplicant Gohmert to be the next Supreme Court judge. The choice was especially surprising since Trump – with the glaring exception of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin – has a long history of choosing physically attractive people as government officials and wives.

“Not everybody can be as brilliant as me,” tweeted the president. “Louie may not be book-smart or easy on the eyeballs, but he’s plenty wily I can tell you that.

“Legalities and good looks aren’t that important,” said Trump. “Just ask Bill Barr.”

Gohmert said he was “deeply honored to be considered for one of the highest courts in the land” and promised on his first day to provide Moon Pies to all of the other seventeen justices sitting on the court. “It’s just what I do,” said Gohmert. “Good nutrition is important for all Christians. And Hispanics.”

Current Justice Brett Kavanaugh applauded the possibility of Gohmert becoming a colleague. “I like beer,” Kavanaugh said. “Do you like beer? I hope Louie likes beer.”


Photo courtesy of Business Insider