By Frank Coffey

“Clarence Thomas doesn’t look very healthy to me.”

Washington (eTruePolitics) – In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, current president Donald Trump admitted that should a Supreme Court vacancy happen before his term ends he would seriously consider nominating Texas congressman Louie Gohmert to become the next justice.  “Clarence Thomas doesn’t look very healthy to me,” said Trump when asked about the likelihood of a justice dying or being debilitated before January 20th.  The choice of Gohmert was especially surprising since Trump – with the glaring exception of Steve Mnuchin – has a long history of choosing physically attractive people as government officials. Trump vigorously denied to Hannity that the Supreme Court promise was in exchange for the unwavering supplicant Gohmert suing vice-president Mike Pence in an attempt to overturn  Joe Biden’s election.

Acknowledging that Gohmert is no one’s idea of a brilliant – or even sentient jurist – Trump tweeted “Louie may not be book-smart or easy on the eyeballs, but brains and good looks aren’t that important. My son Eric is doing great! ”

In a rambling statement Gohmert said he was “deeply honored to be considered for one of the highest courts in the land” and pledged on his first day to provide individual Moon Pies to “however many justices there are.”

Current Justice Brett Kavanaugh applauded the possibility of Gohmert becoming a colleague. “I like beer,” Kavanaugh said. “Do you like beer? I hope Louie likes beer.”


Photo courtesy of Business Insider