Ex-President claimed Biden was preparing a nuclear strike on Mar-a-Lago during his first 24 hours in office

Washington (eTruePolitics) – In his last days as president (of the United States) Donald Trump, fearing a pre-emptive attack on Mar-a-Lago by incoming president Biden, ordered the moving of a “limited” number of nuclear weapons to the swanky private resort, sources close to Trump told eTruePolitics.

“Mar-a-Lago has a big lawn,” Trump explained to aides at the time, claiming he would quickly master how to “push the beautiful nuclear buttons to defend myself and also my family, even Melania.”

The logistics of moving the nukes to Palm Beach from Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the largest  nuclear weapons storage facility in the U.S., was to have been coordinated by a ‘Weapons Relocation Task Force’ led by Fox TV presenter Tucker Carlson and handled by the Oath Keepers.

“Most of the boys can’t read,” Trump reportedly told aides, “so we’ll have colored route maps printed to help them find their way to Florida.” Sources told eTruePolitics there were no plans to find room for any of the Oath Keepers in the Trump family fallout shelter as “Mr. Trump is very sensitive to body odor.”

In a brief telephone interview, Carlson told eTruePolitics that he had been “totally jazzed” at his assignment and expressed disappointment that the nuke move was opposed and ultimately prevented by “sissy pants military leaders who are probably commies.”



Photo credit: nextbigfuture.com