By Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – As a teenager, president Donald Trump said he prevented Forest Hills, the tony Queens, NY neighborhood where he grew up, from being ravaged by fires.

“I raked and raked and raked until my little hands bled,” tweeted Trump this morning in an apparent attempt to deflect criticism of his claims that raking forest floors would have prevented the current fires ravaging California. “And guess what? We didn’t lose a SINGLE tree!”

Trump went on to say that after his nanny applied Band-Aids and Neosporin to his “SCORCHED” hands he directed a team of Puerto Rican gardeners fighting the blazes which he claimed devastated “REALLY BIG PARTS” of his “beloved” home borough. “I worked with those people despite NONE of them spoke English and weren’t real Americans,” Trump added.

“President Trump grew up in Forest Hills so trees and forests have been very dear to him for many years,” said White House communications director Kayleigh McEnany.

When reporters pointed out that there were, in fact, no forests in the urban Queens neighborhood of Forest Hills, McEnany denounced the questioners as “commie tree huggers.”