By Frank Coffey

Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, NY (eTruePolitics) – Anthony Fauci is from the no-nonsense neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. So you know there was only so much he was going to take. Current president Donald Trump’s edict “ordering” him not to talk to the media was the last straw.

“I doubt Mr. Trump is going to be happy with my book,“ said Fauci in announcing ‘Trumpled: A Doctor’s Adventures with Ineptitude.’ “In fact, I’m sure of it.”

Focusing on the Trump administration’s disastrous mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic ‘Trumpled’ will  be rushed into stores today, Columbus Day, a holiday associated with Italian-Americans. “Just a happy coincidence,” commented Fauci.

“I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut as I’ve watched this horror show,” said Fauci, referring to the Trump presidency, “but as my grandmother Coligera Guardino always said, ‘Don’t just stand there Tony, do something.’  And I know exactly what Coligera, one tough lady, would say now: ‘Whack the idiota.’ Which is exactly what I’m doing in ‘Trumpled.’”

A photo section planned for the book was ultimately cancelled by Simon & Schuster. “We originally contemplated including photos of Mr. Trump,” said Fauci, “but S & S’s art director said he’d quit if we did.”


Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette