by Frank Coffey and John W. Nelson

Washington (eTruePolitics) – When you’ve lost United Van Lines, you’ve lost America. In another embarrassing disclosure in a deluge of bad news for current president DJ Trump, the country’s ten largest household goods moving companies have reportedly refused White House requests to move the Trump family’s worldly goods to Florida on January 20th, 2021, eTruePolitics has learned.

The decision has nothing to do with Trump’s inhumanity or despicable politics, according to Marc Rogers, CEO of United Van Lines, the U.S.’s largest moving company with over 7500 trucks. “He doesn’t pay his bills,” said Rogers. “For us at United it has nothing to do with his family being the scum of the earth. This is business.”

Rogers denied knowledge that United’s 600 employees sent a unanimous letter to company management saying they would all quit if ordered to move the Trump’s many clan members to Mar-a-Lago, the family’s compound in Palm Beach.

Similar threats from employees of Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, Bekins, Allied, and North American have been widely reported.

Only ABF’s U-Pack of the country’s top ten moving company is still a possibility for the Trumps, say industry insiders. U-Pack is a discount mover that only does the driving after customers pack, load and unload their containers or own trailers.

“Seeing Donald and Melania Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump carrying boxes into Mar-a-Lago is a sight we would never deprive Americans of experiencing,” said Tuck von Karlson, a U-Pack union representative.

“Since there won’t be any boxes labelled ‘books,’ the move could go quickly,” added von Karlson in urging media outlets to be sure to have their cameras set up early on the morning of January 21st.

“Tell the president to be sure to bend at the knees!”



photo courtesy of United Van Lines