Washington (eTruePolitics) – As part of its investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 elections and its relationship to the Trump administration, the House Intelligence Committee is said to be focusing on a $1.3 billion loan from ‘Putin’s Payday Loans,’ a shady short term  loan company with ties to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, eTruePolitics has learned.

The loan, according to sources with knowledge of  Trump’s finances, carried no interest and was only secured after being rejected by scores of banks in multiple countries.

“He’s a lyin’ weenie,” snorted Sarah Sanders, the imposing White House director of communications, about Rep.  Adam Schiff, the Intelligence Committee’s chairman who is calling for an ‘MRI’ of Trump’s finances.

“President Trump has all the rubles he could ever want,”  Sanders added. “But if there is a possibility the president does owe his friend Vladi some money, I’m sure he knows the president is good for it.”

As the Putin’s Payday Loans story broke, current president Trump tweeted out: “Vladi is a great leader and lender.”

The tweet was deleted two minutes later.


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela