Biarritz, FR (eTruePolitics) – As usual, French president Emmanuel Macron was just trying to be nice. And didn’t want a guest to embarrass himself.

“Mr. Trump’s manners are not the best,” said a Macron aide, in explaining why a child’s highchair was placed where Trump’s seat was expected to be at the Climate Change and Ocean Protection meeting, the G7 Summit’s final conference.

“We know your president is sensitive about being seen as a slob,” said the source. “And president Macron thought the highchair would be the best way for Monsieur Trump to avoid dropping food on the floor. And avoid embarrassing photographs.

“We have many disappointed photo journalists in France today,” the aide told eTruePolitics. “Losing the opportunity to make Trump look ridiculous really hurts.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela