Paris (eTruePolitics) –  Following an embarrassing G7 summit performance Parisians  are showing their antipathy to current U.S. president Donald Trump by flocking to the iconic Jardin de Tuileries to visit “Donald Trump: World’s Biggest Asshole,” a massive statue being hailed as the world’s largest temporary public art installation.

“The ‘Plus Grand Connard du Monde’ isn’t a political statement, it’s just a fact,” said a spokesman for ArtAct, the activist artists group that created the statue – and has previously taunted Trump with a ‘Trump Treason’ installation at Trump Tower in NYC.

For an extra $5 visitors can climb to the top of the World’s Biggest Asshole statue and actually get ‘inside’ the President’s head.

“It’s very loud,” a guard observed, “most people only last a couple of seconds.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela