Washington, D.C.  (eTruePolitics) –  “I like me, who do you like?” In a surprising move current president Donald Trump tweeted today that during his “A Salute To America” celebration on July 4th at the Lincoln Memorial he will unveil the nation’s first new major military award since the Purple Heart was created in 1917.  “The Purple Heart is great but it’s old,” said Trump in announcing the addition of the “Orange Heart Medal” to the country’s most cherished military decoration awards.

Sources close to the president were said to be concerned about Trump’s emotional state after a week of “grotesquely bad news” that included cozy photo ops with murderous dictators  including Mohammed bin Salman, Kim Jung-Un and Vladimir Putin, which produced world wide condemnation.

“Even for him, he was in a dark and scary place,” said one White House staffer who requested anonymity before speaking because he feared for his life. “The Orange Heart Medal is a real shot in the arm for him.”

“The Orange Heart is bigger and heavier than the Purple Heart one that I bought at an auction,” Trump said.  “I also like it because it has me on it.”

Surprising few, the president said the first recipient of the “Orange Heart Medal” would be former military school cadet Donald J. Trump.

“I deserve it,” explained Trump, “my bone spurs are killing me.”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela