Houston, TX (eTruePolitics) – Is Rex Tillerson the latest government employee headed out the door? After the former ExxonMobil CEO learned that current company executives – in response to the ongoing furor over the Trump administration’s ties to Russia – ordered the oil giant’s expensive new logo be pulled from advertising campaigns across all platforms, the legendarily frugal secretary of state reportedly erupted in a profanity laced phone conversation with the current president.

“This is going to affect my fucking retirement portfolio,” Tillerson reportedly yelled at Trump. For weeks, Tillerson had been vigorously defending the widely criticized new logo, characterizing proposals to drop the logo and order a new one as a blunder that could cost “hundred of dollars.” Tillerson also vigorously defended the current logo’s design.

“It is simply a coincidence that the colors of our new ExxonMobil logo are the same as the Russian flag,” Tillerson told Fox News.

“The United States does not own the colors red, white and blue. And no one gives a crap about the slogan.”



Photo illustration and reporting by Ray Dougela