Miami (eTruePolitics) – Golfers at Trump National Doral were greeted this morning by prank tee box markers featuring the face of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, who owns the golf course and was reportedly infuriated at the prank.  The activist  group ArtAct, which previously tormented Trump with a faux ‘Treason Tower’ sign on his eponymous Fifth Ave. building took credit for the prank.

The prank tee box markers enraged Trump who saw “Fox & Friends” coverage of  the prank and “snapped,” throwing himself on the floor and vigorously gnawing on a Persian rug, according to a source who requested anonymity before speaking because he feared for his life.

“We call him ‘karpetmunchen’,” said the source. “But it’s sort of not funny when you see it.”

“To accommodate Jared Kusher, the orange tees are on average 20’ closer to the pin than the ladies’ tees,” ArtAct said in a press statement.

“We don’t condone this vigilante action,” said Doral executive R. Chauncey Wiggins, “but it was sure was funny.”

Photo illustration by Ray Dougela