New York (eTruePolitics) – Following the federal convictions of ex-aides Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni on all counts in the bizarre Bridgegate saga, sources close to the Mets said owner Fred Wilpon, an ex-pitcher, was set to knock down the New Jersey  governor with a high hard one aimed at his ample head.

Then, according to one team insider, Wilpon planned to tear up Christie’s lucrative contract to become Citi Field’s first traffic cone manager.

“I think it’s fair to say that Fred had questions about the man’s basic integrity as a human being,” said the source before the election of Donald J. Trump. Now the pressure is on Wilpon to cave, and insiders say he will do just that.

“It’s all about situation ethics for Fred,” explained the source. “Look at Madoff. Freddy made money with him!”

“I’m really forward to having dinner with big Chris,” commented Mets’ veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon.