Treason Tower

New York (eTruePolitics) – EXCLUSIVE.  With calls for his impeachment growing louder every hour, one of the great pranks in modern political history sent the TV-obsessed current president into an epic rage Friday morning, according to a West Wing source who requested anonymity because he feared for his life. The protest art amused thousands of New Yorkers on their way to work and enraged the current president, who after seeing “Fox and Friends” coverage of  the ‘Treason Tower’ prank “snapped,” and threw  himself on the floor where he vigorously gnawed on a Persian rug.

“We call him ‘karpetmunchen’,” one West Wing staffer told eTruePolitics. “It’s sort of not funny when you see it. But people need to know the president is totally unglued.”

The prank is the work of a little known group of artists/activists calling themselves ‘ArtAct’ who adorned Trump Tower early Friday morning with a facsimile marquee – and for several hours managed to “rebrand” the 5th Ave. building as ‘Treason Tower.’


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela