Chicago, IL; Tallahassee, FL (eTruePolitics) – Florida governor Ron DeSantis has signed a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Mondelez International, the holding company that produces Royal Pudding. The arrangement was announced by the governor’s press secretary who called the lucrative arrangement a “private agreement between consenting parties which is STILL legal in America, no thanks to the commie-loving, George Soros-backed libs.”

“I can laugh at myself, everybody else does” said DeSantis, a reference to press reports that he eats pudding with his fingers.

“Chocolate used to be my favorite,” added DeSantis, “but now I love banana pudding more.”

A spokesman for DeSantis denied the governor’s switch to banana was an attempt to ingratiate himself with Spanish-speaking voters across the country as he mounts an expected presidential bid.

“Hey, white Americans love bananas too,” said the spokesman, “and to suggest the Governor switched to banana is typical disgusting Woke-ness. “

It didn’t take long for former president Donald Trump to weigh in: “What kind of a sicko would turn against chocolate, America’s favorite flavor?”