Washington (eTruePolitics) – The precarious life of a Trump loyalist?

In yet another self-inflicted wound (are there any others in Trump world?), Attorney General William Barr is said to be furious with a photo shopped image depicting him as a freshly roasted July 4th pig. The image which quickly went viral, was apparently generated by the White House Communications office and approved by Trump, and is a clear signal that the heretofore slavishly obedient attorney general is now the next heavy weight about to be tossed on the administration’s scrap heap .

“I was JOKING,” shouted Trump in a vigorous self-defense to a rain soaked press corps sheltered around an Abrams tank as lightning cracked above the nearby Lincoln Memorial.

“I never said Bill Barr is ‘just another piece of meat,’” added Trump, “but if I did, you have to admit, the man’s a little porky.

“Everybody needs to lighten up,” said Trump. “Who needs mayonnaise?”


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela