Los Angeles, CA (eTruePolitics) – With rumors that a federal criminal investigation targeting his involvement with Trump’s Ukraine affair about to be launched, Mike Pence shocked Washington today by announcing he would shortly resign the vice-presidency. Pence will take a lucrative television role as Sergeant Hans Georg Schultz, the dim witted German prison guard, in Amazon Studios’ just announced reboot of the beloved TV sit-com Hogan’s Heroes, eTruePolitics has learned.

Pence said he would stay on as vice-president as long as Trump wanted. “I’m a good solider,” said Pence/Schultz.

Hogan’s Heroes: Retreat! will premiere in November 2019, a year before the presidential elections.

“Dream casting,” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who rarely comments on the company’s programming in an apparent swipe at the vp’s intellectual acumen.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela