by Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – With news that Donald Trump will return to Washington – missing for the first time in 35 years his annual Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve gala – a plan to use a Trump look-a-like to host the party at his Palm Beach resort has been abandoned, sources close to the current president told eTruePolitics.

Reports that Mike and Karen Pence would step in as co-hosts produced a strong reaction from the gala’s invitees.

“Festive, my ass,” said one $1,000 a plate donor who said he’d heard rumors about the look-a-like, known only as ‘Mildred,’ standing in for  Trump.

“I  understand Mildred is a former Navy SEAL,” said the donor who said the look-a-like had promised to ‘die on the barricades’ should protestors carry through with promises to disrupt the New Year’s celebration.

“I guess with Trump in Washington there won’t be many protestors. Too bad, I guess we’re all going to miss out on something really special. Mildred’s an expert sharpshooter.”


Photo courtesy of Business Insider