New York (eTruePolitics) – LeBron James apparently has agreed to soften his criticism of current President-elect Donald Trump in return for a permanent ‘Statue of LeBronerty’ monument on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, eTruePolitics has learned.

Plans for moving the current 1886 neo-classical Statue of Liberty to New Jersey’s Meadowlands swamp are said to be in final stages. “I like new stuff,” said Mr. Trump, “not old stuff.”

“When Mr. Trump called about the idea of a Statue of LeBronerty in NY’s harbor, I realized I may have been too hasty in judging him,” said James in a prepared statement.

“Kings and Presidents need to get along, and this gesture on Mr. Trump’s part is a great first step toward creating a mutual beneficial relationship. And who knows, maybe I’ll play for the Knicks some day!”

The current per person admission charge of $18 for the Statue of Liberty will be increased to $49.99 for the privately-owned Statue of LeBronerty, sources say.


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela