by Frank Coffey

Washington (eTruePolitics) – In what many are calling a desperate ‘Hail Mary’ pass to avoid a humiliating election defeat, current president Donald J. Trump issued today an executive order directing  ‘Mr. Covid’ to  immediately cease and desist infecting his MAGA supporters. “Fat, dumb and stupid people, have a right to live,” Trump said he told Mr. Covid in directing him to infect “democrat libtards” only.

“Cell service sucks in Hades,” Trump tweeted after signing the order. “But once I got Mr. Covid on the phone he quickly agreed with my point that people who oppose me are not human beings anyway and, of course, deserve to die.”

Trump called on ‘Mr. Covid’ to target female journalists who he called “loose-lipped loser loonies.”

Trump assured his remaining loyal sycophants (‘Plumpkins’) that from this day forward no MAGA-Lites would ever be infected again.

‘Mr. Covid’ knows who’s boss,” said Trump, “and that’s me.

“Soon America will be 100% free of people who can think.”

In a subsequent tweet Trump later reminded his Plumpkins that they could not use crayons or finger paints to vote on November 3rd.


Photo courtesy of (sic)