Atlanta (eTruePolitics) – TBS will produce a remake of “I Love You, Man” based on the relationship between CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, whose hiring as an analyst by Zucker has become a social media phenomenon, eTruePolitics has learned. CNN is owned by TBS, a division of Time Warner.

“During the negotiating process we saw two of the funniest men on the planet absolutely reducing one another to tears on a daily basis,” a TBS executive told eTruePolitics. “It was like watching the comedic chemistry of Laurel and Hardy, except with two Laurels and no Hardy.” (Both Zucker and Lewandowski are slightly built and vertically challenged.)

“We realized CNN was actually living a great, modern screwball buddy bro-mance all ready, why not make a movie about it?”

The script for “I Love You, Man” is said to tell the story of the spiritual awakening of a soulless network news executive through his employment of, and eventual friendship with, an uncomplicated man from New Hampshire.

There are “no plans whatsoever” for a cameo by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, a TBS spokesman told reporters.