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New York (eTruePolitics) – The abrupt disappearance of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes from Trump world may be traced to the mogul’s failed plan for the current President-elect’s wife Melania to host a Victoria’s Secret fashion show on Fox the night before her husband’s inauguration.

The idea is said to have been presented to senior advisor Rudy Giuliani by Ailes, still running Fox News, at the Trump Grill in New York, with details hastily scratched out on a cocktail napkin.

“The whole idea really came together quickly,” said a source close to Ailes. “Rudy loved it.”

Roger Ailes headshot

Unfortunately for Ailes the idea was squelched by a “perplexed and angry” Melania Trump.  Days later, Ailes was fired by Fox  boss Rupert Murdoch.

“Roger wanted Melania to be the first First Lady to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in her undies,” said the source. “Mr. Trump’s children hated that idea.”

Despite sexual harassment charges and allegations that Ailes hired private detectives and used ‘black-ops’ techniques to spy on journalists and torment political enemies, many at Fox rue his loss.  And miss his marketing brilliance.

 “God, it would have been great television,” said a Fox news source who requested anonymity because he feared for his life.