by Frank Coffey

New York (eTruePolitics) – In excerpts from her forthcoming autobiography “Here’s The Deal” reviewed by eTruePolitics the former Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway reveals she is of alien ancestry.  For decades Conway, born ‘Fitzgerald,’ has loudly touted her Irish and Italian heritage to reporters, and apparently her husband.

The revelation confirmed long standing media rumors that Conway was an actual extraterrestrial. “I mean, how else do you explain her?” said a journalist – who requested anonymity because he feared for his life – in an interview with eTruePolitics.

“I am very proud of my ethnicity,” Conway said in a carefully prepared (typed) statement which said that her family had landed in Nevada’s Area 51 in the “early 1700s” and thus qualified as indigenous people with full rights to American citizenship.

“I am an alien totally,” explained Conway. “But legal.”

Sources close to Conway’s husband George Conway say the Republican lawyer was dumbstruck to learn of his wife’s other-worldly ethnicity.

“She lied to me. Just like she did to America,” Conway tweeted after his wife’s statement. “I hope ‘Here’s the Deal’ is a bomb.”


photo illustration by Ray Dougela