Washington (eTruePolitics) – Not everyone enjoys a good prank. Count current president Donald Trump among them.

“No one likes to be mocked, believe me,” said Trump before accusing the prank product, Just For StrongMen, of  endangering American’s  national security by making fun of portly North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Saudi Arabian despot Mohammed bin Salman and Russian billionaire thugster Vladimir Putin.

“Kimmy, Mo and Vladi all have pretty bad tempers, maybe worse than mine,” explained Trump. “How STUPID would it be to get into a war because of phony hair coloring products?  The colors are all FAKE!!!!!”

Trump called on the FBI to track down the perpetrators of the viral online stunt and quickly execute them.

A spokesman for Combe Incorporated, makers of the real “Just For Men” line of hair coloring products, said the company in general didn’t condone mocking presidents.

“But we’re a pretty flexible company,” said spokesman Chauncey Wiggins.


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela