Washington (eTruePolitics) – In a move one advisor called “brazen even for the Boss,” Donald Trump, on his first working day as President – Monday, maybe Tuesday – will issue an executive order renaming the District of Columbia the District of Trump.

“Welcome to Washington D.T.,” tweeted Trump. “I own this District now, and we will make it the BEST DISTRICT EVER!”

In a brief exchange with reporters the President-elect candidly explained his reasoning behind his first executive order.

“I’ll make a fortune just from people who have to get new plates. I love America! And I love WASHINGTON, D.T.!!

“We have to restore law and order for the people and new license plate with my name on it is a great place to start.”

Trump added that he was sure “all my new neighbors in the district, even the ones with old, crappy cars, agree with me.”  Trump declined to discuss the price of the new license plate, rumored to be $666 per vehicle.

“I don’t know the price but this very important,” Trump added. “Everybody needs to have the new plates on their cars by February first or there’s gonna be huge fines.”





Photo illustrations and reporting by Ray Dougela