Washington (eTruePolitics) – In an  explosive revised edition of his 1997 best selling “Dereliction of Duty” set to be published on Monday, ousted national security adviser H.R. McMaster reveals that the current president was often so angry he would throw himself on the floor and chew the edge of the Oval Office carpet.

“We all called him ‘karpetmunchen’,” writes McMaster.

“But it’s sort of not funny when you see it.”

 The book may send Trump to the floor again.

“The president was very, very angry, even for him,” said a source who requested anonymity before speaking because he feared for his life.

“I hate him a lot,” McMaster explained in an interview from his White House office, steps away from the Oval Office. McMaster’s remarks were overheard by current Trump chief of staff John F. Kelly.

“Me too,” Kelly added.


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela