Washington (eTruePolitics) – Even Kellyanne Conway, the truest of true believers, has had enough.

Early Monday morning, following the latest flurry of bizarre tweets from current president Donald Trump, a distraught Conway reportedly burst into the presidential bathroom and launched herself at Trump, who was seated at the time, and tore the twittering terror’s beloved Android phone from his arthritic hands.

“What a scary, whacked scene,” said a source who witnessed the White House drama and requested anonymity before speaking to the press because he fears for his life.

“Trump tried to chase her, but two steps off the toilet he fell down, his boxers around his ankles. And, believe me, that’s a picture which is gonna haunt me the rest of the life. Then the Secret Service agents pulled their Glocks on Kellyanne. She froze, and instantly burst out crying. Never heard wailing like that.”

 Conway’s emotional eruption surprised many longtime observers of the voluble Trump adviser.

“I didn’t even think she had tear ducts,” said one former aide.


Photo illustration by Ray Dougela