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LeBron James, Trump in Shouting Match

Cleveland (eTruePolitics) – Six weeks before the Republican national convention and already there’s trouble.

Sources close to the Cleveland Cavaliers say Donald Trump got into a shouting match with LeBron James on Tuesday as the team was practicing  at the Quicken Loans arena for Wednesday’s game three of the NBA Finals. A spokesman said Trump wanted the arena cleared so he could practice his convention acceptance speech. The Cavs, down two games to none against the Golden State Warriors, weren’t going anywhere.

Uncorroborated accounts had LeBron shouting, “Get off the court, fatso.”

Shortly thereafter, Trump was escorted from the arena by Cavs’ security guards and wasn’t happy about it.

“Never saw a man with a redder face,” said one observer who requested anonymity because he feared for life.

It wasn’t long before Trump exuberantly took to Twitter:

“Loooooser LeBron. That’s what I call him. Loooooser LeBron. Going down just like last year. Choker!”

In a very brief interview, a Trump spokesman defended the current Republican presidential nominee to eTruePolitics: “Personal insults are very hurtful, even to Mr. Trump. No one likes to be called ‘fatso.”