Washington (eTruePolitics) –  In perhaps the boldest diplomatic gesture in U.S. history, current president Donald Trump today issued a formal invitation to Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un to a private dinner at Trump Grill for “the greatest kimchi stew he’s ever had,” according to sources close to the White House.

Trump said that former CIA director Mike Pompeo, who recently met with Kim, would not be invited to the dinner. “Mike’s a great guy,” explained Trump, “but he’s really, really boring.

“Kimmy is a guy who likes to have fun and after chocolate cake and some porn, I know he’ll be ready to renounce nuclear weapons and Hillary Clinton.

“I once said I would be honored to meet Kim, and I’m trying really hard to be a man of my word,” said Trump.

“I’ll probably be criticized for saying this,” Trump added, “but the Chairman could lose a few pounds, so I’ve instructed my chefs to make the kimchi  low-cal.”

“Nobody likes fat, unattractive leaders, I can tell you that.”