Washington (eTruePolitics) – The White House is denying reports that the current president’s “Trump Signature Edition Swamp Boot” violates the Emoluments clause which prevents a president from personally profiting from dealings with foreign or U.S. state governments. Trump’s swamp boot is a $666.00 version of L.L. Bean’s iconic, best-selling ‘duck’ boot and claims to provide 100% protection from Hillary Clinton.

The state of Maine, whose governor Paul LePage is a Trump stalwart, reportedly placed an order for 600,00 Trump boots when they first became available in October, 2017. The order angered Trump-supporting L.L. Bean which formally complained to the Justice Department, prompting the Emoluments probe.

In an angry exchange with reporters, White House press secretary Sarah Huckleberry Sanders blasted critics of the deal.

“Rich people need to keep their feet dry too,” snarled Sanders. “What’s so hard to understand about that?”

“It’s got gold laces,” a subdued Trump told Fox personality Sean Hannity on Thursday night.



Photo illustration by Ray Dougela